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What is Music?

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There are numerous quotes that try to define music.  None seem to completely capture the profound meaning of this simple five letter word.  The dictionary definition falls short, too.  Here’s what Merriam-Webster tells us about music:

Definition of MUSIC

1a : the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to    produce a composition having unity and continuity
  b : vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony
2a : an agreeable sound : euphony <her voice was music to my ears>
  b : musical quality <the music of verse>
3   : a musical accompaniment <a play set to music>
4   : the score of a musical composition set down on paper
5   : a distinctive type or category of music <there is a music for everybody — Eric Salzman>


While technically correct, Merriam-Webster’s definition doesn’t begin to explain what music really is – in real life – how it touches us emotionally and physically and spiritually.  Music is said to be the universal language and yet, it’s highly subjective and personal.

 As far back as I can remember, music has been in my heart and soul – as the saying goes, “it’s in my blood”.  It’s how I celebrate happy times; it’s where I take my tears and fears.  Music is as integrated into my being as food and water.  I simply cannot imagine my life without music – and don’t want to!

As many of you know, December 2011 was a literal heartache for me and my family.  We lost my brother to lung cancer and sixteen days later we lost my father to congestive heart failure.  The emotional pain was very nearly too much to bear.  Prayer and faith have kept me going foremost – together with my music and friends, I’ve come through the emotional trauma to hope and new-found joy.  Never before has music been so important to my soul.  It’s truly been my God-given saving grace.  One of the most beautiful things about music is that it’s a real win-win situation – the musician and the listener are both blessed with its gifts.

I think the music quote that resonates most for me is simply this:

Music is what feelings sound like – Author unknown

Have you really thought about the music that you enjoy?  What does music mean to you and your life?  If you’d like to share, add your comments in the box below!

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