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JPT Jam Session

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What better way to spend a sunny winter afternoon than jamming with friends?! Yep, we’re at it again, exploring new songs we might like to add to set lists, working out song keys, figuring out the arrangements and who will take a break where. There’s a lot that happens “behind the scenes” in preparation for performances…and we love every minute of it!

We’re really enjoying Mac’s strong, hard-driving banjo.  He’s a skilled musician who plays that banjo clean & crisp, tastefully adding just the right amount, at just the right times.  The addition of Rocky on his Tut Taylor dobro has enhanced our overall sound and brought a depth we didn’t have before; this is especially true on the ballads that beg for the raw emotion only a dobro can provide.

Tary, Jim, and I are still doing what we do…and we’re smiling a lot, as we watch this group grow and meld together.

We’ve got some great new material that we’re excited to share with you! Here’s a clip of a couple tunes we’re working on, taken at Saturday’s session in Jim’s mancave. We hope you enjoy it!  ~basslady


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