Just Passin' Thru

Old Country & Bluegrass Band

About JPT

Sometimes band names are created on a whim.  Sometimes it takes a great deal of thought and creativity to find a name for a band.  This band name found us. 

Many will recognize that Robert Brill, a.k.a. “the Goat”, father of the band’s bass player, made the saying “just passin’ thru” somewhat famous in the Northeast, plastering it on every vehicle and camper he owned.  A man with serious health challenges spanning many years, he lived with optimistic vitality, focusing on the good things in life to be celebrated.  And celebrate life he did!  Bluegrass music, and the friendships he forged in the fields, were his best medicine. 

Goat reminded us all to live joyously and with meaning every day because we’re all just passing through this life.  Goat’s “just passin’ thru” legacy was handed down to his daughter and adopted as the band’s name. 

Just Passin’ Thru band members hail from NY and VT and enjoy doing songs from the Old Country and Bluegrass genres, with some ballads, gospel, and stage humor in the mix.  They enjoy playing and singing together…and it shows!

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Robert H. Brill, a.k.a. “the Goat”  02.17.39 – 12.26.11

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