Just Passin' Thru

Old Country & Bluegrass Band

Jim Bevins

mandolin, vocals

Jim has been playing mandolin for 40+ years and he also plays guitar.  Jim’s father, Clarence “Dusty” Bevins, taught him to play chords on mandolin when he was around 8 years old.  Jim got more serious about playing when he started going to bluegrass festivals with his family in his teens.  It was during Jim’s teens when he started playing in his family’s band, The Chilson Hill Gang.  His father played guitar and sang.  His mother, Carrie, played upright bass and sang.  His sister, Carol, played the 5-string banjo and sang.  His brother, Dave, played resonator dobro style guitar and, more currently, he’s been a member of the Atkinson Family Band for a number of years.

Jim’s wife, Debbie, backs him all the way with his music and has been a faithful companion through it all for the past 31 years.  She is also a Professional Listener and keeps him in line.  Jim’s dog, Sophie, loves bluegrass music and is a professional bacon connoisseur.

Jim’s inspirational mandolin players are Bill Monroe, David Grisman, Sam Bush, Doyle Lawson, and John Duffy.  Jim endorses and plays a RAG mandolin, built by Roy A. Gordon, Sr. of RAG Custom Built Mandolins.  Jim is looking forward to some great shows and great times with Just Passin’ Thru!


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