Just Passin' Thru

Old Country & Bluegrass Band

Tary Jesmonth

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rhythm guitar, vocals

Tary started his musical career playing accordion in grade school. His Aunt Dot taught him to play chords on the dobro; he then went on to learn the flat top guitar. In his early twenties, he played and sang in bars and honkytonks doing the old country music he loved. As a truck driver for over 30 years, country music was a big part of his life on the road.

Tary went to his first bluegrass festival in the mid 70’s and was hooked for life. He moved to Danby in 1986 and played music with the local boys. There he co-founded and played in The Better Than Nothing Band. Tary is an original member of the “Just Passin’ Thru” band and does most of the band’s emcee work.  He also plays at St. Patrick’s Church in Wallingford, VT.

Tary’s sweetheart and soul mate, Cathy Jesmonth, can attest to his country roots as she hears it every morning at about 6:30! Tary is the promoter of the Danby Olde Country & Bluegrass Festival held every July in Danby, VT.

Tary always says, “If you’re having a bad day, our kind of music will cheer you up!!”

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